This is me. I am flicker-doodles.

I started this little website after some encouragement from friends.

I think I made them my macaroni and cheese and they all fell in love.

Then I made fruit salsa and they told me I had to share it with the world. So flicker-doodles.com was born.

I grew up in the kitchen, at first cooking for my babies.

Then helping my mom by licking the bowl clean. I was a better helper than my brother.

Eventually she learned to trust me and actually let me cook. And I haven’t stopped since then.

This is  my little cousin. We made brownies together. I’m a big believer in letting kids help in the kitchen. It’s how they learn. 

I hope you enjoy this website. I hope that the simple, step-by-step directions with photos, take away some of the intimidation of cooking.

After all, if I can cook it, you sure can too.

You can find all of the recipes on this page, in alphabetical order, under the recipe index tab at the top of the page. Or browse by tag over on the side. I hope that you try some of the recipes, and maybe find some new family favorites. After all, making memories in the kitchen is really what cooking is all about.  

Visit the flicker-doodles category (over on the side), for a peek into what’s going on in my life outside of the kitchen. Browse the party, and home categories, for some fun party ideas, or some decorating tips I’ve tried in my own home.

Thanks for visiting. Come back often, and bring friends with you!