Slow Cooker Pepper Steak

This is a recipe for the crock pot, but it’s not a typical crock pot recipe. It only takes a few hours to cook even on low, so you can’t turn it on in the morning before work and leave it all day, but it’s perfect for those days when you’re running errands, or busy with kids activities, and you want dinner to be ready when you get home.

Start by prepping your beef. Check and see if your grocery store carries the beef already cut up, it’s usually called beef for stir fry or fajitas. If they don’t, get some flank steak and cut it across the grain in one inch pieces. Then sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, garlic powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Take a couple spoonfuls of bacon grease and warm it up in a large skillet. If you don’t have bacon grease, use vegetable oil.

Do you save your bacon grease? If not, you’ve got to start. It adds so much flavor, I use it all the time in place of vegetable oil when cooking meats or veggies. Next time you fry up some bacon, let the drippings cool a few minutes, then pour it into a tupperware or small mason jar. Let it cool completely, then cover it and keep it in the fridge. It hardens up, but when you need it just scoop some out with a spoon and it will melt just like crisco. Trust me on this one, bacon grease is a kitchen necessity!

Anyway back to our recipe…

When your skillet is nice and hot, put about a third of the meat into the pan.

Allow it to cook until it’s just beginning to brown, toss it and let it cook a bit on the other side.

Remove the meat to a plate and keep going til all the beef is cooked.

While your meat is cooking, cut half of a medium sized onion into strips, and mince up a couple cloves of garlic.

Dissolve a beef bouillion cube and some cornstarch in some warm water.

When all the meat is finished cooking, place it into your crock pot.

Add in the onions and garlic.

Add in soy sauce…

worcestershire sauce…

crushed red pepper flakes.

Toss it all together.

Add in some tomato sauce and your bouillion mixture.

Toss it to make sure it’s all well coated. Then cover and cook on low for about 3 hours.

Cut some red and green bell pepper into strips.

After a few hours of cooking, give the mixture another good stir.

Then add in the bell pepper.

I like my sauce a bit thicker and more gravy like, so I dissolve more cornstarch in warm water and add it in. This will help thicken the sauce a bit.

Taste it here and add some more salt and pepper if needed. Add in a little more cayenne if you want more of a kick. Then cover it back up and cook another hour or so.

Serve it up on top of some rice or egg noodles.

You can cook this all together, without adding the peppers at the end, but your peppers will be really soft. If you like them crisper, wait til the last hour to add them.

Again, this is not your typical, cook all day, crock pot recipe. But it is really great for those weekends or afternoon when you’re out for a few hours running errands or at your kids sporting event, or spending a day at the mall shoe shopping.┬áPut it in the crock pot before you leave and when you get home, add in the peppers, cook your rice and you’ve got a tasty dinner in no time at all.

PS: Here’s the super cute maryjanes I got at the mall while this was cooking at home. The black patent leather will go perfect with my patent coach purse this weekend at my cousins wedding. I love shoes almost as much as I love purses!

Here’s the printable…slowcookerpeppersteak

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