Sip and See

Ok I promise this is the last post about the Sip and See. I just wanted to do a final round-up post with all the details.

{the invites I made}

{the dessert table}

{lemon cream clouds}

{chocolate mousse}

{chocolate-vanilla parfaits}

{lemon bars}

{the drinks. we just got a few bottles of champagne so everyone could make their own cocktails}

{i put limoncello and different juices in these cute carafes and labeled them so everyone would know what they were}

{the food…veggie pizza, caprese skewers, and a cheese and cracker plate}

{no party is complete without fruit salsa}

{i know it’s hard to see because of the glare, but I got a bunch of cheap, unfinished wood picture frames at Ikea and decorated them. on the inside I wrote on a pretty piece of scrapbook paper what was on each tray.}

{I kept the decorations super simple, with just pictures of the boys clothespinned to pretty ribbons and hung around the house}

{the real reason for the party…meeting the babies}

{pilar and her daddy came}

{i think Oliver is wondering who this guy is!}

{cutie patootie Liam came to check out his new friends too}

{Lindsay is a pro with babies…she’s got three little brothers!}

{such a sweet moment}

The party was so much fun and I have great ideas for a theme for the next one…I just need someone to have a baby.  Any volunteers???

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