Great Baby Shower gift (and a giveaway)

I think all my friends got together last year and decided 2010-2011 was the best year to have babies. Everyone I know is getting themselves knocked up and having kids. And babies means baby showers. It’s hard when you go to multiple showers with the same people to come up with unique gifts for every shower, and if you’re like me it’s important to have the best gift there. The one gift, that when the new mom opens it, it gets the most oooohs and aaaahs. I want that to be my gift. So this year I’ve made diaper wreaths and quilts. Then one new mom asked me about changing pads. She complained that the ones that come with the diaper bags are too small. I did a bit of searching baby stores, and a new idea was born.

I chose some cute flannel fabric, fabric that didn’t necessarily scream baby.

And sewed it onto a waterproof, quilted changing pad.

The pad is large, about 27 x 18 inches.

And it folds up into a cute little clutch, about 4 x 9 inches.

Then I decided it needed a pocket.

It’s big enough to hold a phone, keys, credit card, money. Everything a mom needs for a quick trip.

You can even tuck a diaper into the middle and the elastic strap will hold it in. So if your kids are older and you don’t necessarily need a whole diaper bag, just tuck a diaper and a few wipes into the middle and throw it in your purse, and you’re good to go.

Then I decided it would be super cute if there were coordinating burp cloths. So I made some of those.

These burp cloths are the best, every single mom I’ve ever given them too just raves about them. They’re big and super absorbent. Perfect for those yucky wet burps.

Anyway, I wanted to share my fun creation with you all. So I’m giving away one diaper changing pad and a matching burp cloth to a lucky winner here. Just leave a comment on this post saying whether you’d  prefer a boy, girl or neutral pad. Don’t have a baby, sign up to get one for a friend who does. Or pick neutral and save it for the next baby shower you go to. Trust me, eventually you’ll know someone who is preggers.

Here’s the rules again…Comments must be left here, on this post. Comments left on the facebook page do not count. Comments must be left by noon tomorrow. Winner will be announced tomorrow night. Again, if you send a friend who drops your name I’ll give you an extra entry. Good luck. And trust me on this one, enter this contest. You will find someone who can use this, and if you give it at a baby shower, it will get the ooohs and aaaahs! (And since I’m curious, if you would also say who you’re giving this to. Is it for you? A friend? Your sister? Or are you just going to save it til you need it for a gift?)

*** Interested in these pads? Check out the shop tab above and visit the flicker-doodles shop on Etsy.***

Love ya,

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Great Baby Shower gift (and a giveaway) — 15 Comments

  1. So cute! I’ve seen the burp clothes matched to blankets but I’ve never seen a changing pad like that! That’s such a great idea, I love that it has a pocket! I almost never bring my diaper bag anymore. I like neutral colors :-)

  2. Luv it!!!! I used the one u made me already and thrown it in the wash. Holds up. I definitely would a larger size one since he’s growing and moving about during changes. Cute designs. Keep up the good work. Pick me pick me hehehe

  3. These are too cute! In my opinion (as a mom of two little ones), you did a great job designing these. I am at that point where I don’t want to carry a diaper bag anymore and this would be a great alternative. Neutral or boy fabric would probably be best for me. I would probably keep the changing pad for my little guy and add the burp cloth to a baby present since we are past the projectile burp phase (hallelujah!).

  4. Awesome, Jennifer! Great for a quick dash out to the store (if you can with a baby!!!) If I’m picked it’d go to a coworker’s wife who’s due in July…. boy please!

  5. I am not gonna lie….those look super adorable!!! I would love a girl one for my 2nd baby on the way! These look way better than the ones I had the first time around.

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