Minnie Mouse party

I was going thru some folders on my computer and moving some pictures to my external hard drive, and I found these pictures of my niece’s birthday party and realized I never shared them with you all. So I’m doing it now.

This is my niece….

She’s two years old now, and she is just about the cutest thing ever. Today I talked to my sister-in-law and she said while she was getting my niece ready this morning she said, “I didn’t drop a deuce, I just tooted.” Needless to say, she hangs out with daddy alot! She’s such a crack up. And I just love her to bits. Really.

{I just love this action in photoshop, so even though it’s the same pic, I just had to share it.}

Anyway, my niece loves Mickey Mouse and all his friends. So her party was Minnie Mouse themed. The colors were pink, black and white.

We decorated with zebra striped table runners and pink flowers in vases.

The vases were made by tying one very long ribbon around the vase.

Using these instructions my sis in law made mouse ears for everyone.

We made cupcakes with homemade Minnie Mouse toppers.

And wrapped them in coordinating cupcake papers.

We put them on a cupcake stand that my brother made.

For the rest of the food, we just did baked goods.

The snacks were all dark and white chocolate to keep with the color scheme.

My sis-in-law made the Minnie pinata out of diaper boxes and duct tape.

Only problem was, it was so well made that the little kids couldn’t break it.

So we had to bring in reinforcements.

Then the kids scrambled for the candy.

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, we had pin the bow on the Minnie. (A word of advice, pin the tail works better if you have walls behind it, instead of just a post. Luckily the kids were all small, so they didn’t really care.)

All in all the party was a smashing success. And this girl is so worth all the effort.

Love ya,

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