Homemade Cinnamon Chips

After a rainy, drizzly weekend here in the OC, it’s finally supposed to be warm this week, with highs in the 80′s! Yippy skippy! It’s perfect weather for fruit salsa.

When I posted the recipe for fruit salsa many months ago, I mentioned these homemade cinnamon chips, but didn’t post step-by-step instructions (because I was lazy that time and just used store bought.) But these chips are really better than anything you can get in a store, and they’re super easy to make, so I just had to share the step by step with you.

Start with a package of large flour tortillas.

Spray each side of the tortilla with some of this….

Stack the tortillas up on a plate…

then, using a pizza cutter, cut into wedges.

In a bowl, mix together some cinnamon and sugar and dredge each tortilla wedge in this.

Place on a cookie sheet….

and bake at 350 for 8 minutes or until golden brown.

(Try to resist snacking on these fresh out of the oven.)

Mmmm! So yummy!

Here’s the printable for the fruit salsa and cinnamon chips…..fruitsalsa.

You must make this soon, and often!

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